We’re family. Our tenants are too.

What’s in a name? At KC, it spells family.

Steve Kelley founded KC Real Estate Management in 2004 with his sons Phil Costa and Dave Kelley after more than three decades in roofing, construction, and rental management.  Based in Stoughton, Massachusetts, KC owns, rents, and manages commercial and residential properties, artist studios, storage units, and commuter parking spaces in Stoughton, Brockton, and Easton.

A different approach

Like our founder, who’s not only a business owner but an author and publisher too, we think a little differently. Here, our tenants’ personal and professional success comes first, with affordability and great management.


We use effective cost control methods to keep our lease rates down, so we can offer value-priced rentals that are consistently well maintained. When tenants need us, we show up on time with more than 100 years of combined experience in real estate, real estate management, property maintenance, construction, and the trades. That’s why our tagline is “Rentals with value. Management with heart.”


Steve, Dave, Phil, and their trusted staff, Lisa and Gaby, treat tenants the way they would want to be treated. Like family.

One hard working family.

It's your business, your career, your home, and your stuff. We're here to help.

Steve. The Founder.

He’s a father and grandfather; the owner and founder of KC Real Estate Management, Solid Roofing, One Stop Publishing, an Negotiation Services Company; an author; an avid mountain biker; and a cancer survivor. KC is his legacy. Steve built the company in 1979 and named it in honor of his sons, Dave Kelley and Phil Costa.

In addition to writing three books, Steve authored KC Real Estate Management’s Core Values, in which he declares, “We always leave things better than we find them.”

Phil. The MacGyver.

He can build it. He can fix it. He can wire it. He can paint it. He can plumb it (well, most of the time). He can make works of art out of anything. Phil is a journeyman electrician, roofer, builder, art school “alum” , and savvy mechanic who recalls a certain ‘80s TV hero.

Dave. The Manager.

Management skills. IT skills. Construction skills. A jack of many trades, master of none, Dave has skills all over the place. He even worked on high profile political campaigns (”back when the two sides weren’t so far apart”), displaying the kind of leadership skills that keep KC running smoothly.

Lisa. The One Who Really Runs It.

Lisa does the heavy lifting on a day to day basis. She makes sure tenants’ needs are met and that the rest of us are where we need to be when we need to be there. There’s no question who runs things around here. Strangely, her name has neither a K nor a C.

Gaby. The Voice.

She connects people to answers. You’ll hear her on the phone and see her in the office. Other companies let a robot answer the phone, but Gaby actually wants to help. She makes sure questions are answered and people in need get connected to people who can help.