Man and woman moving items to a storage unit

Secure storage, without the bells, whistles, and big bucks.

Stoughton, MA storage units.

If you want to pay for fancy signage, advertising and roll-up doors, call the big guys.

If you want simple secure interior storage units, priced affordably for working people and small businesses, call KC.

Get storage units in Stoughton Center and right by Route 24 for personal items, home furniture storage, document storage, business furniture storage, commercial equipment and tools. Get a good deal. Get stuff out of the way.

Need secure storage in Stoughton, MA or self storage in the Brockton, MA area? Check out our storage units, or contact us at 508-400-0500 or

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Size Price Floor Location

8′ x 11′

$105 B Stoughton/Randolph Line

7.5′ x 9′

$85 B Stoughton/Randolph Line

8′ x 11′

$105 B Stoughton/Randolph Line